A Professional Service For Gasfitting, Plumbing & Drain Clearing - with Over 25 Years Experience

Gasfitting services

ABL Plumbing are registered certifying gasfitters. That means we have the expertise to ensure trouble-free supply of gas to domestic and commercial customers and to maintain the gas fittings.

We install, service and repair gas appliances and gas supply.

Our gas services include planned maintenance programmes, installations, safety checks for efficient burning and to prevent leaks, efficiency audits and corrections and preventive maintenance.

New Zealand has a wonderful resource in its natural gas and ABL Plumbing can let you take advantage of its efficiency as a heating and cooking fuel.

Heater servicing

Gas-fired central heating can be one of the few good things about a New Zealand winter but remember that the gas unit that spreads the warmth needs attention from time to time. Thermostats and automation make it easy to set and forget but at the end of a winter that appliance has worked pretty hard on your behalf.

Most gas heater manufactures recommend an annual  service. Our experience in maintaining these units suggests that while you might delay a little in getting the equipment serviced, you shouldn't go longer than 2 years between services.

Regular servicing ensures a safe and efficient heating system is operating at an optimum level. It means that during winter you can minimise the chances of going without warmth for a day or more because an un-serviced part in the heater has failed.

Oven and hobb servicing

Gas cooking is an efficient and clean way to prepare meals, whether for the family or in a busy restaurant.

Gas hobbs look disarmingly simply, with just a cast hobb pierced by a few holes sitting above the supply pipe. But they are efficient because they consist of a series of steps, each one of which needs to work correctly to set  that blue flame beneath a pan.

As well as hobbs, gas cookers have a baking oven, electronic igniters, gas volume controls and electronic timers.

If one part fails, the sequence beaks.

ABL Plumbing services, installs, maintains and repairs gas cookers and hobbs, from the smallest domestic models up to the largest commercial kitchens.

Hot water servicing

Hot water heaters are one of the hardest working appliances in a modern home. Each time a hot water tap is run, whether it's for a shower or just a hand rinse, the water heater drains, cold water runs in to replace the amount drained and gas fires up in answer to a thermostat's demand that it reheat the water to the desired temperature.

You can reduce some load on this appliance by ensuring  cold water feeds the cistern only when it's providing hot water for household use, not in response to a leak.

Replacing or repairing valves on system ensures no hot water wastage. You pay the same for the use, whether the hot water is being produced to compensate for a leak or for normal use.

It's not just to avoid the cost of paying for water heating that maintenance makes good sense. If some valves are left in a failed state for too long, pressure build-ups can cause damage to cylinders and other valves, resulting in the need for expensive replacements

ABL Plumbing services:

  • Rheem,
  • Rinnai,
  • HJ Coopper,
  • Bocsh.

Hot water new installs

As part of ABL Plumbing's services, we can upgrade existing hot water systems to overcome lack of pressure or inadequate supply.

You can get rid of those hot water cylinders that always run cold after only moderate use, or those which run on too low a pressure for efficient use in showers and baths.

We can replace low pressure and small cylinders with a modern high-pressure system, or upgrade a low pressure system so that it works better.

We service and install the following gas continuous hot water systems

  • Rinnai infinity,
  • Rheem integrity, and
  • Bocsh.

We service and install the following gas high and low pressure cylinders installed

  • Rheem, and
  • Hj Coopper.

Gas-fired hot water services

Gas hot water systems are finely tuned appliances that may drift out of their optimum settings after some years.

ABL Plumbing optimises gas-fired hot water systems to set the correct flow rates, temperatures and shower roses.

A poorly tuned system may deliver up to 30% less hot water while still burning the same amount of gas as a correctly tuned one.

You pay for the gas you use. Why not let it earn its keep?

Gas analysis

When your appliance burns gas to create energy for cooking, heating or to heat water, it throws off by-products. Correctly tuned, the by-products consist mostly of harmless carbon dioxide and water vapour. But a poorly maintained appliance may produce poisonous gases, such as carbon monoxide, because there is insufficient combustion in the burn chamber.

ABL plumbing strongly recommends an annual safety check to ensure that your appliances are burning gas cleanly and efficiently.

In the regular checks we perform for customers we measure levels of oxygen, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and temperatures inside chimneys and flues and tune burners to burn gas most efficiently.

This annual check warns of any dangerous levels of escaping exhaust fumes in the house. This check also finds incorrectly burning appliances and split heat exchangers in central heating units, both causes of dangerous carbon monoxide emissions.

We are great believers in regular maintenance of gas appliances. They are precisely engineered and need regular tuning and maintenance to perform most efficiently.

Gas leak detection

Natural gas is safe when it's contained in its supply system and burnt in an efficient, tuned appliance but nothing lasts forever and pipes and valves that deliver gas to the appliance, and the appliance itself, can deteriorate and corrode (if not maintained) and leak gas. Out of its controlled environment gas is explosive and easily ignited.

ABL Plumbing uses modern measurement and detection technology to find leaks quickly and fix them.

We encourage our customers to commission regular checks to ensure all fittings are safe and gas-tight.

It's not a big job but our experience shows us that it's vital that it's done regularly.

Gas certification

Because safely maintaining and installing gas fittings requires knowledge, experience and precision, a government-controlled body called the Plumbers, Gasfitters and Drainlayers Board certifies those who have passed the necessary exams and who are therefore legally allowed to fit and maintain gas systems.

These tradesmen are certified because they're knowledgeable, experienced and safe. ABL Plumbing's Billy Green has the highest level of this certification: Registered Certifying Gasfitter. This means he is able to work on all gas appliances and fittings and also supervise the work of others who are qualified to a lesser level.

Registered gasfitters are required to show their registration number on request and Billy's Registered Certifying Gasfitter Registration Number is 12807

Current status of this registration can be confirmed at http://www.pgdb.co.nz where the registration number can be entered in the “Public Register” to find the name of the holder.